Android TV now supports audio streaming in the background for Chromecast apps

One of the great advantages of an Android TV or TV set is that Google Chromecast functionality is built into the system.

Now, this functionality is a little improved, as Android TV can now keep Chromecast audio streaming in the background.

Android TV

Recently activated, perhaps thanks to the update of the built-in Chromecast app, Android TV can now still broadcast audio to Chromecast apps, even if it’s not on top.

what does it mean? If you are streaming music from a source like Spotify or YouTube Music, you can press the Home button and navigate the Android TV UI without stopping the sound.

For Spotify users, this has always been possible with the Spotify app for Android TV, but it extends functionality to other services.

In a short test of this feature, it appears to work with any music service. Video apps will be cut off as soon as you press the Home button.

You will see a notification on the home screen indicating the music playing with the album art, song title, and artist name.

There is also an “Open” button to return to the Chromecast user interface. If the music is playing, it will continue playing until the other media starts from another application on Android TV.

However, this varies from application to application. Play Movies and Disney + let the music play, but Hulu cuts them right away.

Where can it be useful? This can be useful if you want to continue listening to your music while finding something to watch or if you want to download an app.

These are definitely specialist use cases, but they are definitely a welcome quality for a life update.

We don’t know exactly when this feature was launched, but it probably arrived at the same time as the last update that allowed, and shortly thereafter, to cut off Android TV speaker groups. You may need to update Chromecast Beta to get the update.

Originally published at on May 20, 2020.

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