Apple Music Finds Its Way To Google Assistant Speakers And Screens

In what appears to be a surprising but logical next step in its attempt to become a powerful music hub in the world of smart speakers,

Google has added Apple Music compatibility to Google Assistant speakers and displays. Now you can ask Google Assistant to play music through Apple Music — an exciting development for Apple music fans who don’t want to pay $ 100 for a HomePod Mini. Apple Music has always been available only on iOS and HomePod.

Apple music

You’ll need to be an Apple Music subscriber, but if you are, you can search over 70 million songs with just your voice. The feature is rolling out today to devices like Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, and more. The music is ad-free, as you might expect.

To start using this feature, link your Apple Music account to the Google Home app. By doing this, you can also choose Apple Music as the default music app. When done, you can request any playlist, genre, or artist by name on Apple Music for instant streaming to your speakers.

Google speaker

You can also ask Google to play the songs you like by saying, “Ok Google, play my songs” or “Hey Google, start my library”. Apple Music works with Google’s Dynamic Music feature, letting you move a song from one speaker to another without missing a beat — literally. You can also play your favorite jam from all speakers simultaneously.

Apple Music joins an impressive lineup of streaming services with the capability of the Google Assistant, including Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandory, iHeart Radio, and more. Google has always focused on sound power, adding support for multiple speakers for its devices, in addition to Google Home Max’s large subwoofers.

With the recent launch of Nest Audio, it’s clear that the company not only wants to focus on smart home features and performance but also great sound quality.

If you want to try Apple Music, it’s available for $ 10 per month — but new users can try the first three months for free and decide if they like it or not. If the Google Assistant device isn’t compatible yet, give it a few hours or update it and try again.

Originally published at on December 8, 2020.




is another leading source on the internet which mostly covers gadgets related news and guides and is one of the best online portals for gadgets lovers.

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is another leading source on the internet which mostly covers gadgets related news and guides and is one of the best online portals for gadgets lovers.

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