XAMPP for Windows

Open source web servers are typically made up of three programs: Apache server, MySQL database, and PHP scripting language.

If you are a Windows or Linux user, you will call them WAMP or LAMP. Apache Friends has developed an extension of this acronym called XAMPP or Cross-platform, Apache, MariaDB (Mysql), PHP, and Perl.

It’s basically a development server in a box. There are other competing WAMP / LAMP packages, but XAMPP offers a complete package that is also easy to install. This impressive stack offers other services and applications worth checking out.

XAMPP gives you the essential parts of a web server and more.

XAMPP offers Mercury mail service, Fileilla, FTP server, Tomcat JSP server, and even Perl programming language. Talk about a one-stop-shop, right? The home page of the server will direct you to its administration site.

Here you get an overview of the security and status of the server. You will also be able to run log analysis programs such as Webalize and phpMyAdmin. Certainly impactful software, but can it run fast? Absolutely. The whole installation process takes five to ten, which shows how much Apache Friends values ​​your time and convenience. No configuration. No add-on. Just a full-fledged server that runs quickly and effortlessly.

Hit the ground with the XAMPP Control Panel. Its simple and minimalist interfaces make it easy to use. Here you can interact with different modules, view PID numbers, edit configuration files, etc. Another way to locate files in the Directory. Just type ./htdocs or ./mysql to find a specific file or database.

For configuration files, you will find them in. \ Apache \ conf \ httpd.conf ,. \ Apache \ bin \ php.ini, or. \ Mysql \ bin \ my.cnf. If you are just starting out, don’t worry. Apache Friends offers a great community that is always working to improve the program. They will even provide answers to any concerns or questions. In fact, you can learn from other developers on the XAMPP forum.

See XAMPP in action by connecting to different ports. Usually, you can connect through a web server itself or VMWare. For web servers, head to the status bar icon. Left-click and do the following:

  • Go to. \ Apache \ conf -> httpd.conf for “Listen 80”.
  • Replace with “Listen 8080” for example.
  • Go to http: // localhost: 8080 /.
  • As with VMWare, open XAMPP preferences to find sharing VMs.
  • The last option is to connect via Skype. You will immediately find the Connections tab under the advanced settings. Right away you will see the ports you can connect

XAMPP versions 7.1.30 and earlier are available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux devices. See the specific requirements below:

  • Windows 2008 or later.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • All Linux distributions.

Looking for a more inclusive software stack? Discover AMPPS. It includes everything you need for website development, including access to Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl, Python, and Softaculous’s automatic installer.

The main benefit of using AMPPS is your ability to back up your entire database or website. With just one click, you save yourself the hassle of importing scripts and functions. It will even improve your facilities for you. The installation process is as quick as XAMPP, but with the addition of free web apps like Joomla !, WordPress, Magento, Dolphin. Definitely, AMPPS is the stack of choice for more experienced developers.

Fast, flexible, and free, XAMPP is the all-in-one tool for new and experienced developers.

Absolutely. XAMPP will simplify the configuration of a web server.

Originally published at https://www.globebusinesscenter.com on December 9, 2020.



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is another leading source on the internet which mostly covers gadgets related news and guides and is one of the best online portals for gadgets lovers.